At each stage of life, we may encounter difficulties, discomfort, suffering, questioning or a loss of meaning that prevents us from living our lives to the full.

Sometimes we can’t get rid of what’s overwhelming us by our own means or with the help of those around us, despite many attempts. 

Going to a psychologist is not always easy. There are still many stigmas and false beliefs about the role of the psychologist. His goal is to accompany you in your healing process in order to regain a healthy balance.

Everyone has the right to take care of their mental, relational and emotional health. It is not a « luxury problem » or a synonym for insanity.

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How Can I help ?

It is difficult to list all the reasons that can lead to a psychological consultation!

Here are some examples:


anxiety attacks,

intrusive thought,

depressive states,


bereavement, and loss of loved ones


sleep disorders,

relational difficulties

(family, couple, professional, etc)




school problems, dropping out of school,

lack of confidence and self-esteem

crisis of faith or spiritual desert,

loss of meaning or motivation,

life inventory,

adapting to a new life situation

(moving, break-up, etc.)

and many other emotional, anxiety or behavioural disorders.

There are no bad reasons to consult!

If you have any clarifying questions please get in touch.