About me

Hello. My name is Mélodie Fina Mona. I am a clinical psychologist in Brussels. I am fascinated by people: behaviors, emotions, reasoning, beliefs, thought patterns, etc. That’s why I naturally went to study psychology. To develop my curiosity, I also studied theology.

My integrative practice borrows complementary techniques from different psychological schools. My approach looks at the whole person: physical, emotional, mental, relational, etc. My training and experience allow me to better understand the complexity of each client and accompany them in a process that adapts to their individuality and needs.  

I advocate a non-pathological approach which means avoiding labels (like depressed, anxious etc.) that can put the client in a box. On the contrary, I prioritize understanding problematic behaviors in their context.

I also attach importance to the individual being an actor in his or her own change. By being responsible for his development, clients are more likely to implement strategies for sustainable change. My role is not to heal, but to facilitate the healing process in a safe and caring space, where non-judgment, respect and confidentiality are present.

Together, by exploring the significant events of your history, we can better understand the origin of your pain. I believe that by renewing your mind and your beliefs (all too often unconscious) about yourself and the world around you, you’re going to be more able to change your thoughts, behaviors and relationship.

For this, I do not hesitate to ask questions, to bring a deeper reflection, to question certain beliefs, to inform and to give exercises between meetings.

I also incorporate a Christian perspective for those who wish , as well as writing exercises that allow us to put words to hurts.

« He heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds. »

Psalm 147.3

My Education